Indicative thematic topics:

  • Theoretical approaches. Policies-geopolitical strategies and ekistics.
  • Socio-economic development process of settlements and coastal regions.
  • Urban and regional maritime space and networks, natural and manmade environment (geography, cartography, coastal mapping, shipping).
  • Ekistics reserve, cultural heritage (monuments, archaeological sites, historical places) and sea.
  • Management and enhancement of ekistics reserve and cultural heritage.
  • Ports, waterfront, city culture and semiotics. Local/global encounters.
  • Promotion of cultural reserve in port cities and tourism.

Additionally, other thematic fields of the Conference could include maritime journeys, routes, ships (technical characteristics), smuggling, cartography, approaching possibilities of the island ports, “parallel” and “transversal” commerce in islands, the relationship with the inland network, ideological and semiotic approaches regarding port cities and maritime routes, ekistics and cultural heritage in those commercial centers, traditional professions that relate to the sea, a number of socio-economic features as well as development potentials and land uses of port cities and maritime routes of Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea (18th – 21st century).

The conference aims at becoming a forum among various scientific specializations like: architects, planners, geographers, economists, historians, philologists, anthropologists, political scientists, experts in geopolitical issues etc.

Specifically, the conference would offer to those that are activated in the above cognitive areas-members of the scientific community, academics, employees in public and local government administration, self-employed, as well as young researchers, post-graduates, PhD candidates and students-the possibilities:

  • to attend speeches of eminent academics of Greek and foreign Universities and Research Institutes
  • to present their papers and research findings
  • to attend a number of presentations with a variety of scientific subjects
  • to take part in a prosperous conversation with a view to create perspectives for future scientific challenges

In the above framework all relevant participants are invited to submit their proposals.


  • The proceedings of the conference will be published in Greek and English.
  • Book of proceedings will be published in hard copy (with ISBN) and will be delivered to the participants within a few months after the conference.
  • Book of abstracts, in hard copy and electronic form, will be delivered to the participants during the conference.
  • All attendees will receive certificate of attendance.
  • Selected papers’ announcements in the conference would be published in refereed scientific journals.

On Sunday the 24th of November, after the conference, participants will visit a port city in the wider region of Attica and will be guided in thematic museums and cultural sites. SIGN UP FOR THE TOUR!

On behalf of the Scientific Committee:

Eleni G. Gavra, Professor University of Macedonia

Evangelia Georgitsoyanni, Professor Harokopio University

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